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Website Transfer Agreement

Our goal at Mckenna White Media (MWM) is to make your life as easy as possible while your website stays working hard for you! This agreement below outlines the steps and costs to have your site moved to our hosting servers and have MWM maintain your site and keep it running at its full potential. We look forward to working with you and are available by email or phone to answer any questions you may have about this process.

Customer Name:   

Customer Phone:  

Website / Domain Name:

Website Transfer Options to MWM (one-time cost):  Choose One

  • OPTION 1 - Website Transfer: $175
  • OPTION 2 - Website Transfer + Audit: $250
    • This option includes a website review checking for any issues, broken links, broken images, and/or outdated software or plugins.
      • If this option is chosen, you will receive a one-time discounted rate for any and all repairs needed to bring the site up to full functionality. Discounted one-time hourly rate of $45 ($75/hour retail).

Website Hosting Fees: Choose One

  • OPTION 1 - Shared Server Hosting: $70/month
    • This option will have your website online independently, but it will be grouped with like websites on a shared server.
  • OPTION 2 - Private Server Hosting: $90/month
    • This option gives you your own independent cloud server. Your website will be the only site on your private server.

Both above options include an SSL Certificate for your website, routine server maintenance, and nightly backups.

 **Note: The above hosting fees are the baseline costs for most traditional sites. Some larger/more complex sites with more extensive performance requirements will require different hosting options with additional fees. MWM reserves the right to modify or change any of the above hosting options/pricing based on the particular need of your website after initial review. All changes in costs and/or requirements will be discussed with the customer prior to implementation.

  Website Maintenance:

  • Routine Website Updates: Included in hosting cost
    • Includes 1 hour of standard updates per month.
  • Hourly Maintenance Rate: $75/hr.
    • Billing will be in increments of ¼ hr ($18.75).
  • Development/New Feature Requests: $125/hr.

 Additional Options:

  • Firewall Protection: $275/yr.
    This provides total malware protection and real-time virus scanning and updates.

 New Website Design or Rebuild:

  • Contact us for a free quote.

I (hereunder the Customer) accept the quote above and agree to the terms set forth herein this contract with Mckenna White Media LLC (hereunder MWM).

MWM shall provide the services to the customer per the outline and quote above. 

All fees shall be paid prior to the launch and release of any material.

All information herein is confidential and shall be held in strict confidence by MWM and the Customer.

Terms of payment: Customer agrees and acknowledges that the terms of payment are 50% down and 50% balance due upon completion of the scope of work set forth above. If, in the event of any changes to the above scope of work, additional fees may apply. All changes / additional fees (if any) will be discussed in writing the customer prior to the scope of work being changed.

Ownership and Proprietary Rights: Title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights to any proprietary code or plugins (hereunder Software) or to the Software and all patents, copyright, design rights, trade secrets and other proprietary rights in or related to the Software are and remain the exclusive property of MWM and its suppliers. Customer acknowledges such rights and will not take any action that jeopardizes such rights or acquire any rights except the limited use rights specified in this Agreement. The Software is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and international treaty provisions. The Customer further acknowledges that in the course of its use of the Software, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, that it may suggest modifications or improvements to the Software (“Modification(s)”). The Customer expressly acknowledges that MWM shall have the right to use these modifications and hereby grants MWM a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual worldwide license to use or incorporate said Modification(s), in whole or in part, into the future development of any technology, including the Software. The Customer expressly acknowledges that MWM is not obligated to provide the licensee with any form of compensation with respect to the use of the Modification(s).

 I understand that my contract will not be effective until MWM accepts this contract in Phoenix, AZ. I agree that if MWM must engage the services of an attorney to collect what I owe on this contract, I must pay MWM’s attorney fees, whether or not a suit is brought. I agree that if any suit or other legal proceeding is brought by me or MWM for any purpose relating to this advertising contract, that such suit or legal proceeding must be filed only in the small claims, municipal, or Superior Court of Maricopa County, AZ, and I submit to that court’s jurisdiction and venue. I agree that the prevailing party in any such suit or legal proceeding shall receive attorney’s fees and legal expenses incurred in such suit.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have duly executed this agreement on the date first above written.

Contact:  McKenna White Media LLC
3101 N. Central Ave, STE 183 #3707, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Telephone: Cat: 971.241.3752 ~ Nate: 563.663.7383

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